Australia Asia Business Consulting Pty. Ltd. (AABC) is an expert in international business that provides consulting and promotion services to Vietnamese businesses that seek to internationalise into Australian market and vice versa.

The company has been established by four like-minded friends who distinguish themselves by uncompromisingly high levels of work ethics and over 60 years of combined hands-on experience and expertise spanning various business sectors. The founders commonly share great passions about “connecting the dots” and huge interests in strengthening and smoothening business and investment flows between Australia and Asia, especially between Australia and Vietnam.

Priding themselves in enlightenment, innovation and faithfulness as symbolised by the golden lotus in the logo, AABC commits to delivering to their clients comprehensive services of high quality and complete satisfaction.


AABC is an organisation of unity, unanimity and resultant that serves as a trusted partner in Australia for businesses that seek sustainable prosperity in the more and more integrated world and, in particular, in the increasingly strengthened Australia – Asia relationship.


AABC nonstoppingly endeavours to build a professional working environment and nurture an inspirational corporate culture that enable all staffs to bring into full play skills and knowledge to serve as the best business link bridging Australia and Asia.

Australia Asia Business Consulting: your trusted partner in Australia.